Past Papers for F1 Accountant in Business

The pilot papers for the exams indicate how each paper will be assessed, structured and the likely style and range of questions that could be asked.
Changes to the exam style for Paper F1, Accountant in Business
To ensure that Paper F1, Accountant in Business complements the exam style of the other papers in the Fundamentals level, Knowledge module and to ensure that the syllabus can be fully examined, ACCA is changing the style of exam questions for Paper F1 to include a greater proportion of scenario-based questions to better test comprehension and some application. This will apply to computer-based exams with immediate effect and paper-based exams from December 2008.
The pilot paper has also been amended to reflect these changes.
Any student preparing to take Paper F1 should familiarise themselves with the new exam style for Paper F1.

Questions included in the sample computer-based examination are similar to those in the equivalent paper-based pilot paper. Therefore the given rationale for each answer in the pilot paper should also be relevant for questions within the sample computer based examination.
To access the sample F1 computer based exam, please visit the CBE demo exams page.